How to Choose Lighting for Each Area of Your Home

How to Choose Light Bulbs for Each Area of Your Home

Installation of indoor lighting poses some risk, if not installed correctly.

At Lake Road Electrical we’ll visit and talk to you about the best indoor lighting to suit your needs.

The correct lighting can have a large impact on your mood and the general ambiance of your home. 

Not only are there a large range of indoor light fittings, their is almost as many options in the type of bulb, the colour depth and many other aspects.

Because of the ability to save on your every increasing power bills, LED’s have become the bulb of choice. You can read an article to learn all your need to know about colour spectrum in LED bulbs here.

As with any indoor  lighting installation safety is the paramount concern.

You can not only count on us to turn up on time, you’ll get a job that is on budget.

And every job comes with my personal lifetime installation guarantee

The Lake Road Electrical promise. Call or text me now for your free in home visit where we can discuss exactly what you need.


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