How to Prepare Garden Lighting

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The ideal outside lighting creates a sensational look for your outdoor areas, creating an extended living space, and providing style and function.

Preparing for lighting your garden is essential if you’re hoping to achieve certain things with your lighting. The power of lighting your outdoor spaces well, not only provides style but also brings function to your home and the way you live in it.

The ideal outside lighting can create a distinctive look for your outdoor areas. It can spotlight sensational features and aid to visually enhance your perspective. It can also mean you end up spending more time in your outdoor spaces as you can remain outside well after sunset in a well lit and comfortable area.

But how do you get your outdoor lighting style right? Specifically as there are so many tantalising new lighting products out there? Directional spotlights, wall washers, the latest outdoor flooring lamps and contour LED lighting strips are all seriously appealing, however they do create very different results, so it’s worth considering what you want to achieve.

It’s worth considering what you want to achieve for your outdoor space when planning your outdoor lighting.

Obviously, your dreams of sensational garden lighting ideas might stretch beyond the odd lighting function – all controlled from your mobile phone. If so, is this a job for a professional lighting designer or is this something you can plan and install yourself? You may want to call Lewis or Nada at Lake Road Electrical for design help.


What are the different types of outside lighting style?

Layering various lighting types develops an inviting space.

When it comes to picking the best outside lights for your plan, job, ambient, security and feature lighting all play a part in great outdoor lighting design. The more we use our outside areas, the more vital each area become to light up correctly.  Think mood and function!

A good lighting job is key to being able to cater for guests outside, as well as security around the garden, not just intruder security but thin of potential hazards such as steps.

Ambient lighting is everything about adding to the environment, introducing soft, warm light into the blackness to motivate guests to stick around, relax and unwind. Wall lights with broad beams of light or dual directions will stream the walls with light, while uplights softened by foliage will cast a warm, cosy glow, perfect behind seating and for lifting, dismal corners. Outdoor pendants over dining areas and, hung low over coffee tables also develop beautiful functions for your space.

‘Feature lighting is essential for making your outdoor space come to life,’ says the group at Lights4Fun. ‘From outdoor candles decorating tabletops to twinkling fairy lights strung over arches and pergolas. By dotting feature lighting around at varying heights, you’ll be able to produce a sensation of warmth and cosiness throughout your space.

It’s also best for showcasing your garden’s finest possessions. Two or three staked spotlights shining up through a tree or a toned shrub will change it into a sensational function and include instantaneous X-factor.’

Security lighting will supply comfort and aid prevent trespassers. From wall and ceiling installed fittings, to publish, path and floodlights there are a lot of alternatives out to select from. Obviously, these lights do not need to be permanently on– you won’t be popular with your neighbours for a start– so sensing unit triggered and Smart tech fittings are well worth thinking about.


Tailor outdoor lighting design to suit your space

Start by listing essential garden functions so you know the main locations you want to illuminate.

The trick to planning garden lighting is understanding your plot and comprehending how the different areas meshed.

Pick the areas you wish to light, what your key functions are and concentrate on these.

One easy way to do this is to walk around the space and make a list. Your main top priority might be including some great patio area lighting ideas, but do not forget to consider the views from inside your home too.

Ornamental highlights such as water features, textured screens and stonework can also be artistically lit for big impact.

The one bottom line to remember though, is that less lighting is more efficient. Too many competing lights or strong beams will simply result in a blinding glare, while a couple of well-chosen and well-placed source of lights, will develop subtlety and intrigue. 

All set to prepare your garden lighting scheme? Then you’re probably wondering how much does garden lighting cost?

Get in touch with us at Lake Road Electrical and we’ll come to your place and provide you with a free quote.

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