Outdoor and Motion Lighting Tips

Landscape lighting can brighten up your garden, stop you from stumbling around in the dark and make your outdoor space as smart as your home. Get our experience with outdoor and motion lighting options for your home, garden or business. Installation of garden and outdoor lighting poses some risk if not installed correctly.  Please seek advice from a qualified electrician. At Lake Road Electrical we’ll visit and talk to you about the best garden and outdoor lighting to suit your own living needs. The correct lighting can make a huge impact. It magnifies the beauty of both your plants and any garden features you may have. First things , first as with any garden or outdoor lighting, installation safety is the paramount concern. Be mind full that by layering different lighting effects you can produce various state of minds. Excellent outside lighting design is all about developing atmosphere. Playing with pockets of light and overlaying them to create various effects is all part of the fun.   As people, we tend to gravitate to a concentration of light, so it makes ideal sense to shower your outdoor lounge and dining areas in a warm, welcoming glow to welcome guests. There are plenty of ways to do this For modern look that works perfectly with everyday garden ideas use up-lights in raised borders shining through foliage and things like wall lights fixed at intervals around a seating area. Add drama and depth with covert under-seat lighting strips and pinhole deck lights, as one idea. The colour and tone of lighting plays a big part in how an area feels. Warm tones varying from a soft, white light through to deeper golden tones motivate you to relax and stick around while bold, cooler tones of blues, greens and purples develop a sense of drama and mystery. LED Spike garden spotlights can be pressed into the ground and angled to shine up trees and shrubs. Lights differ in reach (or lumens), beam width and can produce very different effects. A single spotlight will get the job done, however 2 or 3 spotlights positioned at various angles will produce a more rounded and elegant effect. Wall and surface mounted down lights are likewise helpful, and look best used in pairs, threes or fives. Styles vary in the width, reach and angle of the beam and some fittings combine both up and downward lights for a strikingly, modern appearance. For a softer and more informal appearance, why not place lights within branches or foliage? Try to find the latest pendant lights, solar lanterns, or clusters of industrial style filament bulbs, all will cast a mild radiance. Thanks to the arrival of LEDs (light emitting diodes for those that need to know) there are limitless possibilities when it comes to selecting fittings for your garden. These tiny systems– developed by an electrical present going through a microchip– offer an effective brilliant, white light that lasts a lot longer than a standard bright light bulb. Soft, ambient lighting is every interior designer’s leading tool for cosying up a room, so why should outside areas be any different? With more people happy to be on decking and patio areas, we need quality lighting that will assist us unwind/ Outdoor pendant lights are now popular and look incredibly pretty hung from a tree, cast gorgeous shadows and a warm ambient light.’ Of course, efficiency is just as essential as appearances, so it’s vital to try to find fittings that are safe to use outside. Choose expert lights that will hold up against all weather conditions. Improve your home’s security with outside lighting Excellent outdoor lighting can provide peace of mind and assistance hinder intruders, supplying it’s well-chosen and thoroughly placed. There are numerous various types of security lighting available and the most popular fittings integrate PIR’s – Passive Infrared Sensing unit, which will instantly turn the light on when the sensing unit discovers movement within its range. These lights can be both mains and solar powered. You can not only count on us to turn up on time, you’ll get a job that is on budget. And every job comes with my personal lifetime installation guarantee. The Lake Road Electrical promise. Call or text me now for your free in-home visit where we can discuss exactly what you need.

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