Guide to Electrical Safety For Kids

Guide To Electrical Safety For Kids

Why is it hazardous to replace a fuse wire with a copper wire?

Small kids sometimes go places they shouldn’t and when it comes to electrical safety for kids, this must never be left to chance. From loose cabling around your house to cautioning about electrical home appliances, educating your children on life’s electrical security fundamentals is important to make sure that they do not injure themselves.

Whilst a typical adventurous child may wind up with a little bit of a shock and some tears, there are severe risks to be mindful of that can cause serious harm.

By taking some extremely simple and inexpensive measures you can both childproof your house from dangers and make certain your family are kept safe.  In this short article, we’ve compiled a list of our top electrical safety ideas for kids.

Electrical Safety Advice For Kids At Home

Before you start plastering your house with preventative devices, a totally economical way to keep your kids safe from electrical dangers is to consistently educate them on the dangers of electrical power. It sounds ridiculous, but we see it all too frequently where parents have actually not informed their kids and whilst they might not like being informed, their safety is your upper most priority. Here are some typical safety suggestions that you ought to be speaking with your children about.

Never put fingers in a power outlet (even it is switched off). Never ever put other items in a power outlet. Keep metal items out of toasters, ovens and anything electrical.

Never pull a plug out the socket by its cord. Never use anything with a cable or plug around water. Dry your hands before touching any electrical devices. Unplug an electrical gadget prior to cleaning it. Always switch off plug sockets when done with the device.

Outside Electrical Safety Tips For Kids

Let’s face it, you can’t constantly watch your kids Take a look at the most common safety  things you must be speaking to your kids about when playing outdoors. 

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Never fly kites or drones near power lines.
Stay away from substations. 
Do not climb up onto power poles or lamp posts.
Do not open outside switchboards. 
Do not overload a power extension with plugs.
Stay away from broken or fallen power lines. Never climb up trees that are near power lines.
Never touch metal transformer boxes.
Do not stand under a tree if there is thunder and lightning.

Electrical Safety Tips For Kids At School

Advice for school is similar but be sure to ask a teacher to put security caps on all unused electrical outlets if young children are present.

Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

Now that you’re done mentoring your kids how to be electrical safe it’s time to look at the gadgets, electrical wiring and wall sockets around your home. On any given day, your kid may be in contact with several electrical home appliances making the safety of these devices a priority for you.

Stow plugs and cords securely away and out of reach of your kids.  Ensure home appliances that produce heat have good air circulation. Always follow home appliance guidelines. Keep clothing far away from all electrical appliances.

Examine your cords frequently for frays, cracks or kinks. Use the smallist length of extension cord possible. Do not place cables beneath rugs.   Use light bulbs with the right wattage for each fixture.

If you are uncertain whether your home cabling and sockets are childproof, why not book an electrical security inspection. We’ll allay any concerns and will also give you a wealth of recommendations about your home and how you can future proof the electrical security.

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