Security Lights 7 Tips to Protect Your Home

Security Lights 7 Tips to Protect Your Home

Security Lights 7 Tips to Protect Your Home

When you consider home security, you probably think of a fence or maybe some sturdy locks on the front and back door. But have you ever considered including security lighting to the mix?

Garden lighting, house exterior lighting, and home boundary lighting all play an important function in keeping a house safe and protected. Not only are wrongdoers simpler to spot in the evening, they are also deterred by these lit-up spaces. So, if you’re updating your home security, it would be a good idea to set up some quality LED security lights to give your home that additional protection aspect.

Our recommendations for security lights:

1. Invest in white or clear bulbs

When it pertains to security lights, bright white or clean light is the way to go.

security lighting

They may look quite as good as coloured lights, however deep tones of green, red and blue will not illuminate your outside space sufficiently. If you select exterior lighting that is, say, blue, it will have a distorting effect in your garden, obscuring your view of potential dangers.

2. Get the right variety of lights at the correct brightness

When planning your security lighting, it is better to go with more lights of lower brightness, instead of one light of high brightness. This will avoid shadows? Adding in more light fittings (even of low lumen count) allows you to illuminate more spaces, getting rid of shadows and potential ‘hideout’ areas for criminals.

3. Put your security lights strategically

When selecting locations to position your security lights, give it a little thought.

The main areas of your house exterior must all be sufficiently illuminated. These areas include your front door, garden pathways, garden staircases, swimming pool area, and driveway. And do not ignore your back yard! Robbers are much more most likely to attempt a burglary from the back of your home rather than the front. So, ensure your backyard is well lit and easy to scan for activity. Make sure to place your security lights from a high angle, like from your roofing system, so that the light is cast downward, brightening a higher location and avoiding shadows.

4. Select motion-sensor security lights

The best kinds of security lights are the ones that surprise and discourage crooks. So naturally, motion-sensor fittings are a more effective choice. Say an intruder slips onto your home and hides in the shadows, waiting on a chance of entry to strike.

A motion-sensor light can catch the burglar in the act, suddenly switching on and bathing the individual in light. You will be much more likely to identify burglars if your security lights are motion-sensored, as they will not know to avoid certain locations of your yard, and get caught off-guard.

5. Include accent lighting

Excellent security lighting is not just the addition of bright floodlights with motion-sensors. It’s the holistic bundle of lights that brighten your house exterior in the evening. And this includes soft accent lighting. Yes, including some aesthetic white garden lights can help keep your house safe.

The secret here is balance. We advise you install a mix of accent garden lighting, motion-sensor floodlights (for maximum effect when you need it), and medium-brightness down-lights and up-lights around your house.

6. Check and maintain your security lights

What’s the point of having an outstanding security light system if it does not work effectively? Give your fittings and bulbs proper checks to guarantee they are all working at full capability. A burnt-out bulb is of no usage to any one.

Wish to install new security lights?

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