Why Do I Need A Switchboard Upgrade

Why Do I Need A Switchboard Upgrade?

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A switchboard upgrade?

It may not be the most talked about conversation point at your next dinner, nevertheless it is essential  for the safety of your household. With an increased dependence on more and more electronic and electrical devices in your house, older switchboards simply weren’t created to handle the workload that the average home places of its electrical systems. Most homes have a huge range of appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, and TV just to name a few. Add in computers, charges, lights and more and it starts to add up.

You’ve probably noticed that older homes only have a few power points in each room.  Just think about that.  The whole electrical system is only designed for a few appliances and other devices. Unlike modern homes.

As it isn’t the most fascinating topic to discuss, we have put together some information about upgrades, why you may require one and what indicates that your switchboard is past due and in need of an electrician. Take a read and remember, safety is never ever something you ought to gamble with, so a switchboard upgrade is a truly crucial element to seriously think about so your family is protected,

What is a switchboard?

A switchboard is the main ‘hub’ for your home when it concerns its electrical circuitry. A switchboards’ main job is to direct electrical power from the primary supply to where it requires to walk around you home. So, to put it simply, your switchboard is the control centre for your houses electrical power.

Why do I require a switchboard upgrade?

Safety, safety security! Did we discuss security? To make sure that your household isn’t at any danger from an old switchboard, it is extremely crucial to assess whether it is time for an upgrade. Some primary reasons that you need a switchboard upgrade include:

As we discussed before, your switchboard is the primary control centre for your house – if it isn’t working properly, there can be more than one issue all around your home!

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How do I know if my switchboard needs upgrading?

There are a few indicators which can suggest your switchboard is due for an upgrade. By the way this list isn’t exhaustive, so it is best to talk to your local electrical contractor if you have any questions or concerns about your switchboard or electrical circuitry.  We can also check if your house wiring is safe or needs replacing.

Who can carry out a switchboard upgrade?

A licensed and qualified electrician should be the only person who works on your switchboard. It is not a DIY project and can be quite dangerous if you are not qualified.

Just how much does a switchboard upgrade cost?

This is a tricky and not a question that can be quickly answered. The expense of a switchboard upgrade can depend on a number of factors but in New Zealand it varies between $2,300 and $$2,700 for a standard upgrade. You can add another $1000 to $1,500 if have an unusual location or require a separate switchboard and fuse box.

All of the above can add to the expense of an upgraded switchboard and having it set up, so it is best to speak to your local registered electrical contractor who will have the ability to offer an in-depth quote that specifies to your house or business and its needs.  If you live in Auckland please call Lewis Rudall 24/7.

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A great deal of people are put off by the costs associated with updating your switchboard, however it is a financial investment in the security of your house. In addition, while an electrical contractor is completing the works they can take a look at the entire electrical system in your house, to make sure all the electrical wiring is safe and protected.

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Still have some questions about whether your switchboard requires upgrading, or think it might be time to organise a professional to come out and take a look? Call Lake Road Electrical with all your switchboard questions.

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